Loose, Whore, Slut, Thot

As a woman who had sexual partners before being married, I feel like I was often crucified for that. It isn’t enough that I was exploring my sexual side and trying to become comfortable with certain things, like feeling fat and ugly but still wanting to get it on or the inevitable noise your pussy makes when you’ve been fucking for a while. Sort of like a fart but not really? I felt like I had to learn my own body, what I liked, and what I did not like. Me exploring sexually was always a conscience decision of mine. The crucification part comes in when people make commentary like “Wow, you’ve got more male friends than I’ve ever seen a girl have” or “How many boyfriends have you had altogether?”.

I totally hear what you’re actually saying to me. You’re calling me a slutty girl.


Nowadays, there are more absolutely fucking lovely terms to describe women who are perceived a slutty. In my humble opinion, “thot” has to be the worse term I’ve heard in a while. Growing up, I would’ve been called a thot. It hurts just hearing that word. I can only imagine what it would feel like to be called that.

I’m a Girl With a Reputation and I don’t like some of the shitstorm that comes with being free and comfortable enough with myself. It’s a long way from the days of “get married and settle down and that’s your entire existence”. It’s 2014 and there is the internet. There are reality shows. There is a black president. There are factories that can pump out thousands of cupcakes in an hour flat. There are innovative treatment options for diseases that would kill people easily back then. There are machines that I can get that with the press of a button, will fuck me better than I’ve ever gotten it before. With all of these new things, why can’t people have a new mindset about something not so new, like a woman owning her own vagina?