Wet Dreams- Jessie Spano Edition (Elizabeth Berkley)

I know that Jessie Spano was just a character on a TV show… I know that she wouldn’t let any ol’ misogynistic comment slide… I know that she was at times too serious… But I appreciated those things about her.

Jessie just wanted a guy with a mind and some manners. I remember realizing that when I was younger. I also realized that little ol’ female me could do nothing for her but that didn’t stop me from wanting to.

I’ve always had a thing for tall, leggy women so Jessie was absolutely perfect for me. I always imagined making out with her. I could see her putting the same passion that she put into feminist subjects into her kisses.

The idea of making out with Jessie still makes me wet. I want to end up with my head between her legs, with her juices all over my mouth, her above me moaning And saying:

I’m so excited!!

I’m soooo excited!

Only difference is, she won’t cry after she says that… She’ll just cum like crazy while her clit pulsates on my tongue…


Doing a Nude Scene

I went to a performing arts high school and my major was drama. I loved every aspect of acting. I loved being on stage, I loved having people laugh at me during a comedic scene. We studied a lot of technique and methods but one thing that wasn’t covered was sex scenes. It makes sense because it was high school after all but I wanted to learn.

I’ve always wanted to do a nude scene on film but what I ALWAYS wanted to do was a sex scene. I think that I would be awfully good at appearing to be believable. I love seeing sex scenes that appear to be believable.

Growing up, my family knew that I was interested in going far with an acting career. One thing they always spoke against was doing nude scenes. At that age I couldn’t be honest with them about that because I didn’t want the judgement that comes with that, so I would go “yeah, getting naked on tv is so vulgar and unnecessary.” when in fact, I felt quite the opposite. Placed carefully and filmed correctly, a sex scene or a nude scene can add levels to a film or stage play.

Although I don’t act anymore, I still dream about doing a scene naked.

If The Crazies Weren’t Out There…

I would post pictures of my nipples, so that when I discuss my adventures with breastfeeding, readers could look and visually reference whatever I might mention.

I would post a picture of my clit, that way if I mention it at any point, you could look at it and go “oh, that’s what you mean!”

I would take a picture of my house, that way you could see what I’m talking about if I were to mention something regarding it.

I would show a picture of myself so you can see the horndog behind a computer.

I would show a picture of Blanco because he’s fucking handsome and I want to put my man on display.

I would show a picture of my baby because goddammit, he’s the cutest baby that could ever exist. Like ever. Don’t argue with me. (Typical words a parent lol)

But due to the fact that I have to retain some sense of privacy I don’t post these things. It bothers me because I want to be completely open book but when safety comes into play, I can’t quite mess with that.