Thank The Beautiful Lawn Mower

I got horny today.

It’s been months since anything turned me on. I’m not sure why but nothing was doing it for me. I haven’t bothered with writing on here because I can’t write about sex if I can’t think about sex. For a couple months now all I wanted to do was cook new dessert recipes and play with my pug.

Until today, that is!

I want to play with the guy who will be dropping by to mow the lawn twice a month. That’s two times a month I’ll find a reason to be on my front deck. I don’t care if it’s 98 degrees outside! You gotta see this guy, he’s beautiful!

Mr. Beautiful is white, at least 6 foot 2, has a toned body and a medium kind of build, think like Ryan Reynolds. He’s got a bald head and a full dark beard. He has these big green eyes, and long dark lashes to match.

I wish that I could sneak and take a picture of him and post it on here.

But uh, yeah…
I shouldn’t have shook his hand.

Well, out of being how I am I had to, as we were conducting business, but I shouldn’t have. Had I known that my pussy would wake right up at that point, I would not have done it.
He shook my hand very well. I don’t like floppy fish handshakes, I prefer strong confident ones. His hand was larger than mine and he shook my hand like he meant business. He had smooth yet gruff hands. I can just about imagine his hands holding my ass cheeks while I rode him… I can almost feel him fingering my pussy while I beg for him to untie me…

You ever look into someone’s eyes and just know that you two would have awesome sex?

Well, if you haven’t, you gotta try it. This feeling can bring you to some places.

I feel like I have to go and play with myself just so I can relax.


Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Michael B. Jordan Edition


I look at Mr. Jordan here and all I want to do is make out with him. I mean, who has lips like that anymore?

Kissing is definitely on the menu. Maybe even some heavy petting, why the hell not?

My magical cock sensor is telling me that we’ve got an eight or nine inches here.

Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Jason Momoa Edition


So, here is this fine piece of man and he’s everything one could ask for in a fantasy(if you want someone completely primal and aggressive, that is)

Cue Jason Momoa (or Khal Drogo if you’re freaky!) and you’ve got the right man for the job. He’s tall, pretty sculpted, and he’s got this evil villain thing with his eyebrows going on that is a complete turn on for me.

You ever tried some role play in the bedroom and you have to kind of give in a little bit and not strongarm your man? You want the fantasy but you don’t resist too much because you don’t want to embarrass your man because you might actually be able to pin him down? Well, Jason isnt that dude.

I’ve got a hunch that Jason Momoa wants you to put up a fight.
I’m seeing nine inches here. What do you think?