Even Though His Dick is Racist…

I can’t help but like John Mayer… Room For Squares is one of my favorite albums and I play his stuff constantly. Bigger Than My Body makes me cry. His live performances can give me chills.

In all fairness, he has a song called “My Stupid Mouth” where he describes himself as having no filter and it being a major fault of his.

Here are some lyrics:

We bit our lips
She looked out the window
Rolling tiny balls of napkin paper
I played a quick game of chess
with the salt and pepper shaker
And I could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn
Between what was good, what just slipped out and what went wrong

Oh, the way she feels about me has changed
Thanks for playing, try again.
How could I forget?
Mama said, “Think before speaking”
No filter in my head
Oh, what’s a boy to do
I guess he better find one

I just can’t imagine being mad that someone doesn’t want to fuck me. In fact, it might make my life a little more easy if noone wanted to fuck me. I would have a lot more male friends.

This post is pretty random but John came to mind when I was looking to see who were the guests for Watch What Happens in the upcoming days. I hope that Andy Cohen asks him some good questions.


Wet Dreams: Porscha Williams Edition

So, let me put this disclaimer here before I start:

After almost ripping out Kenya’s hair, it seems like we’ve got an all-new Porscha. One that has a shitty attitude and doesn’t care to apologize if she’s done something wrong. I was so turned off when she arrived late to meet Cynthia and then got mad at Cynthia because Cynthia felt she deserved an apology. Just…ugh. So, there’s that disclaimer!

“Ugh” might be her attitude but her body is a different story. We know it’s manufactured but who cares?

I wouldn’t give a damn.

In my fantasy land I just want a whole lot of time to devote to watching Porscha get herself off. The voyeur inside of me is drawn to aesthetically pleasing people, and with all of that ass, those pretty doe eyes, and those legs, Porscha is someone to watch!

I even love how she’ll usually have her hair skimming the top of her ass. That’s on purpose, people. She knows how to wear her ass and her hair.

I don’t see her wanting to suck too much cock but mine is imaginary and honestly, it’s Porscha and any sucking that is required, I will do it. Toes, tits, and clit!

Did I really just say toes, tits and clit? I’m dirty lol