When Your Toys Please You Better Than Your Spouse

What a shitty situation.

It sucks when you put a vibrator on your clit and it works way better and way harder than your significant other does. I think that it sucks to be with your sexual partner and once you finish getting in on you realize that you’ll have to creep off and really go have an orgasm.

Yes, I’ve lied about orgasming. I wish I didn’t but I did. Lying was easier than breaking someone’s ego. Ego breaking is one of those things that I can hear, it’s like being in a forest and muting out the birds, the wind, and any animals around. Imagine being able to hear the bark of mature trees splintering, imagine being able to hear exactly when branches snap. I dislike that sound very much. I avoid it at all costs.

I hate having sex and then going at it alone and making own pussy happy. It is disappointing especially when in the throes of hot, sticky, fucking passion you make up your mind that you don’t want to tell your partner that they just aren’t doing it for it. It might not be a recurring thing, but even a couple times can be incredibly shittastic.

I can only speak of my own clit issues. Lol. I can’t speak for Possessors of Cocks. Have you ever been left not satisfied completely and had to go finish yourself off?

Has this ever happened to you?


7 thoughts on “When Your Toys Please You Better Than Your Spouse

  1. Id say try and shake up the forplay. Perhaps try somthing new like role play, blind folds, ice cubes over the body while blindfolded or re enacting porn even. Hopefully this will turn you on to the point where your senses are heightened and the sex will turn great again xx


  2. Here’s the thing: I don’t expect anyone to know any how to please the next person perfectly. Giving instructions is easy but do I feel like NOT giving them sometimes. Sometimes I want what the I want and I never want my partner to feel bad because I don’t feel like instructing at the time. It has nothing to do with being enigmatic either. My tastes and preferences always vary, so what I want on monday could be different from what I want on thursday. It would be absolutely silly to expect someone to just know those things without me verbalizing them.


  3. Amen, sister. The only thing worse than a sexless marriage is a marriage with infrequent, lame, boring, unsatisfying sex. That sucks.


  4. Being that the only privacy i have is in the bathroom, the shower and a waterproof vibrator is the best. 😊 but unlike u, I will hurt his damn ego. He needs to go down and finish me off or something …hell.


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