Doing a Nude Scene

I went to a performing arts high school and my major was drama. I loved every aspect of acting. I loved being on stage, I loved having people laugh at me during a comedic scene. We studied a lot of technique and methods but one thing that wasn’t covered was sex scenes. It makes sense because it was high school after all but I wanted to learn.

I’ve always wanted to do a nude scene on film but what I ALWAYS wanted to do was a sex scene. I think that I would be awfully good at appearing to be believable. I love seeing sex scenes that appear to be believable.

Growing up, my family knew that I was interested in going far with an acting career. One thing they always spoke against was doing nude scenes. At that age I couldn’t be honest with them about that because I didn’t want the judgement that comes with that, so I would go “yeah, getting naked on tv is so vulgar and unnecessary.” when in fact, I felt quite the opposite. Placed carefully and filmed correctly, a sex scene or a nude scene can add levels to a film or stage play.

Although I don’t act anymore, I still dream about doing a scene naked.


10 thoughts on “Doing a Nude Scene

  1. The idea appeals to me, too. Back in college I had a friend who was an artist, and I told her that if she ever needed a model, I’d volunteer, just thinking that it’d be normal, but I guess she assumed otherwise, because she asked me, “Nude?” Sadly, nothing ever came of it, but I’d volunteer to be a nude model for an art class in an instant.


      • It’s surprisingly hard to become a model unless you just do it for a friend, from my experience. But if there are any community colleges around you, they might need life models. Be sure to share the results if you do it! I’ll do the same. 🙂 I think it’d be really cool to look at everyone’s drawing of me, but then again, I’m also a raging narcissist, and I’d totally be up for framing them all in my apartment, too.


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