If The Crazies Weren’t Out There…

I would post pictures of my nipples, so that when I discuss my adventures with breastfeeding, readers could look and visually reference whatever I might mention.

I would post a picture of my clit, that way if I mention it at any point, you could look at it and go “oh, that’s what you mean!”

I would take a picture of my house, that way you could see what I’m talking about if I were to mention something regarding it.

I would show a picture of myself so you can see the horndog behind a computer.

I would show a picture of Blanco because he’s fucking handsome and I want to put my man on display.

I would show a picture of my baby because goddammit, he’s the cutest baby that could ever exist. Like ever. Don’t argue with me. (Typical words a parent lol)

But due to the fact that I have to retain some sense of privacy I don’t post these things. It bothers me because I want to be completely open book but when safety comes into play, I can’t quite mess with that.


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