My neighbor stared at my feet…

When Blanco and I first moved here a couple of years ago a neighbor came over as we were sitting on chairs on the front porch. 

We all introduce ourselves and begin to talk about why we moved here, what we do for a living, you know, the usual crap that comes with living in a new location with curious neighbors.

While my neighbor was speaking, I noticed that he kept stuttering and stopping and starting his sentences. At first I thought it was just the way he talked but after noticing the pattern, he only stuttered and stammered when he was looking at my feet.

I was wearing these black thong sandals that exposed my foot almost entirely. I had on orange nailpolish that had small gold flecks. My feet looked cute.

It just creeped me out that day. Keep your foot fetish and your drool on your own lawn!

Even Blanco noticed. Told me to wear sneakers whenever we see him. Every time he stops by or comes onto the porch when me and Blanco sit, I catch him glancing at my feet to see if they are “naked” or not.


10 thoughts on “My neighbor stared at my feet…

  1. Personally, I’ve always wondered whether it’s nice to be so attracted to something that’s usually left so exposed. I know I’d be a great deal happier living somewhere where no one else considered breasts worth hiding…


    • Well, here’s the thing: At first Blanco saw it, pointed it out to me and he saw that I got a kick out of it. That perturbed him so he started making jokes, like “His ding dong was getting hard. Your feet made him stutter.” And the visual of my not-so-hot neighbor’s willy getting hard just makes me nauseous. Maybe if he looked like Swayze but that’s a dream. I’m just not much of foot play kinda girl. Blanco tries to lick my feet and be sexy but I can’t handle it because I’m still ticklish.

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