Eleven Things About Elta

1. I’ve always wished that my name were Leonore.

2. Jimmy Fallon makes my day. And my night. And my anytime. He’s so damn cheeky and lovable.

3. I’ve watched season 2 of HBO’s Oz more than I can count.

4. I go batshit crazy whenever the Olympics are going on.

5. I love drawing on the ground with chalk. My neighbors look at me odd when they see me in my driveway doing that. You’re never too old to make a chalk masterpiece in your driveway!!

6. Although I wear a size DD, I want bigger boobs. Not like Dolly Parton big but.. just bigger.

7. I kept journals and diaries from the age of 12 until around 19. I regret the day I stopped writing daily.

8. I had a pet turtle- a red eared slider- for ten years. He died in February 2012 and I miss him dearly. His name was Tilote. (Tee-Low-Tay)

9. I met Blanco when I was 6 years old. He was 5. Fast forward some years and some relationships in between and now were married with a kid.

10. Number 9 makes me a milf. Lol

11. I hate it when I introduce myself and because of that dumbass Frozen movie, people go ” Your name is Elta? Like Elsa!?”


2 thoughts on “Eleven Things About Elta

  1. One of the benefits of an extremely common first name. And an extremely rare last name, I guess. No one ever finds anything to associate either with. And bigger than DD? Geez, what are you planning?


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