Annoyed By Your Spouse?

A while back there was this commercial for some beauty product, maybe a soap or a scrub-I’ve tried to block this out of my mind- and in the commercial were these two happy white girls cleaning their faces and in the background a song was playing.

That song drives me nuts.

It went something like “Waking up to love” and it had to be the corniest song ever buuuut the man I married, til death do us part, loved this song. He still does. He even went out of his way to go on youtube to play the full version out loud because he liked it so much, and because he knew it was like nails on a chalkboard for me. I like Jeff Buckley. Soulful, melancholy Jeff Buckley. This happy shit about waking up to love is not my cup of tea.

Whenever I see that commercial, which doesn’t come on as much as it used to, I think about Blanco. It’s actually kind of bittersweet now. If something happened to Blanco I would want to listen to the song then, because it’s a piece of his corny ass. It’s weird how things work out like that.

Do you dislike anything that your spouse or significant other LOVES?


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