The Strangest Fetish

You ever had sex with someone and they asked you to do some weird shit?

Yeah, well I’ve been there… Almost. I was talking to this guy for a while and of course my dirty, flirty ways took over and caused me to seductively ask him to “tell me a secret”.

Why…. oh why did I say that?

Looking back, I’m happy to have been crazy enough to open those floodgates because I would have hated it if I ever kissed this guy.

I would have hated to kiss this guy because he said he liked it when women peed in his mouth. The problem with hearing him say that is this: I thought he had the sexiest mouth I had seen in a while and I was absolutely dying to see what kind of kisser he was. He had a mouth similar to Tom Hardy and I lovvves me some Tom Hardy! But I couldn’t kiss him after he said he liked doing that. My thoughts ran wild.

How many women did you do that with?

How much piss have you consumed entirely?

When you burp, does it smell like ammonia?

I just couldn’t. I’ve read erotica about women peeing in the mouthes of unsuspecting pussy eaters, but dang. Imagining kissing a piss-drinker is rough.

I don’t like this because I don’t like being judgemental of someone else’s fetish but I couldn’t see myself going further with him, and ultimately I stopped talking to him and his Hardy Mouth.

Have you ever encountered a potential mate with a fetish for something that turned you off?


10 thoughts on “The Strangest Fetish

  1. No, actually I haven’t. Frankly the pee thing wouldn’t bother me one iota (though it’s not exactly, ahem, my cup of tea). It’s actually kind of hard for me to imagine a partner actually coming out with something so freaky I wouldn’t be willing to go there once or twice.


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