Don’t Turn Me On… I’m Married.

I’m not a social media kinda person. I don’t find any fun in showing my “friends” my “perfect life” or my “perfect husband” or my “perfect house” or my “perfect pets”. I find that people brag too much about themselves on social media. I also don’t care for Twitter. More bullshit, less words.

Once upon a time I did like Facebook though. My profile was private and I had about twenty people on my friends list. I knew all of them personally and I didn’t accept any ole’ person’s friend request. As forward as I can be here, I’m way private about personal matters, like my work, home life, some personal matters and what not.

Although I don’t get on Facebook frequently, I never deleted my profile. So I signed on today for a laugh. I scrolled through, got bored and decided to look at old messages and chat transcripts. What I came across made me nostalgic.

I came across my kryptonite.

We shall call him The Aztec Warrior.

His name is the Aztec Warrior because he was tall, tan, Hispanic,muscular, and built like The Rock back in his wrestling days. He was super intelligent and could debate about anything, but politics and literature seemed like they intrigued him the most. I recall him commenting on something I had read in class and it made me so wet. I think that was the first time that some one’s intelligence affected my pussy the way that it did. I would’ve rode his cock right in that classroom if I had the opportunity.

I was the smart girl who dated the school asshole while the guy who seemed great for me sat and saw the whole thing play out. We reconnected after school was over for some time, via Facebook. He looked just as good as he did when I had last seen him. We exchanged some messages about what was going on at the current time and once the pleasantries were over, we started to flirt. 

As I look through these old messages I am reminded of how bold I am when it comes to getting what I want. He stated that I always acted weird around him and I said “that’s how girls act around a guy they like” and said “I knew you liked me!”.

I wanted to correct him, and tell him that he should be more accurate with the facts, and the fact was, he made my pussy damn near ignite. If he only knew… I even told him that the nickname I gave him whenever I spoke to my best friend about him was The Aztec Warrior. He was flattered and really loved it. He loved the idea that I had been talking about him in such a way.

I’m reading further and realizing why we don’t talk.. Shortly after we reconnected he told me about this girl he had been seeing. Since him and I were busy and lived a distance away from each other, we couldn’t just schedule hanging out on the fly. So we didn’t make time and throughout the phone tag and back and forth, we just couldn’t seem to get on the same schedule. Next thing I knew, I got a message in my inbox on Facebook saying how his girlfriend probably wouldn’t appreciate our friendship so it was best to stop talking and that he hoped there weren’t any hard feelings between us. I sent back a simple “Ok.” because I respected that he wanted to be a good guy and because I wasn’t one to step out of bounds with someone else’s relationship. Who the hell wants their mate to be friends with someone they’ve flirted with so much? I totally understand and I backed off.

A month goes by and he leaves me a message and says “hola.” And I decided not to respond. I inspected his page and saw that he was still with his girlfriend and I was totally sure that she still wouldn’t have been cool with us talking and I have respect, even if he didn’t have the backbone to keep up with their arrangement. He emailed me a couple times after that, asking if I was good and trying to catch up but I kept my stance.

Fast forward a couple of years and he emails me. It was a “Hello, how ya doing” sort of email and I actually responded back. We corresponded neutrally for a while but he kept posting these pictures on his profile and he looked so damn good. I think that he was provoking me. I think that he wanted me to be brazen and bold as I once was and he knew exactly what to do to get it out of me. He took pictures of his tan body, muscles in all their glory, his haircut fresh and clean. He was a delicious steak, and I, a hungry dog with very little impulse control. But I got my shit together. It was at this time I decided to not email him anymore. I had been seeing someone (Blanco and I had been dating at that time. Us young whippersnappers lol) for some time and I didn’t need to be masturbating alone, with the Aztec Warrior on my mind.

If there is anything that Facebook has taught me, it’s that in some relationships and marriages, there are people who are like Kryptonite and should be avoided.

Even now, I’m looking through Aztec Warrior’s profile and I’m looking at his pictures. This guy seriously makes me consider cheating. I have the balls to say that. How many other people can be honest about that?

I mean, I would just fuck this guy until he called the cops and told them that I was trying to rob him of his cock. I would unapologetically suck his cock. He’s the only guy my age that I would let spank me and give me the “Daddy” treatment. I’d be totally submissive to him.

I can’t talk to this guy while I’m married. I’m not weak but he drives my pussy nuts in a way that I can’t subject myself to.

Has the kryptonite issue ever occurred with anyone else?


6 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Me On… I’m Married.

  1. Ah yes, the old friend that never was. I have one of those and sometimes I think if I just got with him, just had that one night of complete and utter senseless fucking, then I could move on … maybe, maybe not. What’s the worst that could happen? I am not condoning cheating, I’m speaking figuratively, but a woman can dream too.


    • Dreaming is the best. It’s all i can indulge in. When I feel too deep into the fantasies, what helps me is the idea of him not living up to my expectations in bed. I imagine him cumming quicker than what I think he would. I imagine him being whiny. I imagine him explaining that he doesn’t like to wipe his ass after crapping and that I should accept his stench because it’s who he is. Lol. I try and think of the worst things. It keeps the “good” thoughts at bay. Temporarily anyway lol.

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  2. Perfect life… perfect husband.. perfect kids. .. perfect pets. Hahahaha I have them, but they’re perfectly fucked up and that’s why I like writing about them.


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