If It’s Big and Soft I Don’t Want It

When I think back on the dicks I liked and the dicks I didn’t, a few things come to mind:

1. One dude I fucked had this extreme curve in his cock. It would’ve been lovely if he didn’t choose to be so damn lazy in bed. I think back at all the times I could’ve had the orgasm of my life and due to his disappointing ability to resemble a dead, stiff wooden plank, it just never happened with him.

2. One dude I had the pleasure of fucking was dedicated to making my pussy happy. Once he learned where my g-spot was he never forgot it’s location. He made a point to massage, rub, and pound it every time we fucked. It was like muscle memory for him. Dick Memory. How magical is that?

3. On an occasion I did not like, I encountered a Big-and-Soft. I had to give it a name because it made me so angry. What is a Big-and-Soft? Excluding any sort of vagueness, it’s a big yet pillowy-soft marshmallow dick.

The first time Mr. Softee and I went at it I thought that it was maybe the alcohol we had during our time out that had caused him to not get as hard as he could’ve. He enjoyed himself. Me, not so much. But I figured “Next time we won’t be boozy and I’ll have that cock the way I want it”.

Eventually we end up in bed again and I found myself greeting this semi-soft cock. I licked and stroked that Big-and-Soft until Mr. Softee explained that he was going to cum if I kept going. I lustfully whispered that I wanted him to cum on my tits and a few seconds later he did just that.

I didn’t want him to cum on my tits, but I refused to get all wet and juicy over a cock that couldn’t get the job done. I remember wanting to have the pounding of my life that night. Operation: Destroy The Pussy is what I was looking forward to. It was a complete let down. I was so horny and Mr. Softee was threatening to “beat it up” hours earlier when we were talking dirty over the phone.

I love dicks of different sizes because some sizes are better suited for certain things. I love the 5-7 inch bracket because I squirt easily with those cocks. 8-9 inches can be a mixed bag of pleasure and for me, 10 inches and up means back-breaking, pussy pounding fun. So when I saw that he had a ten-incher that first time we had sex, I was expecting to fuck for a while and to nurse my sore, swollen pussy the next day. I wanted that pain. 

Whatever his problem was, if it even was a problem or if it was his cock behaving normally, I wanted no part of it.

I have fond memories of the sex I’ve had. Good and bad!

Have you ever encountered a Big-and-Soft?


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