Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allan White)

It is January 11, 2015!!!

Do you know why it’s such a great day? Because I get to see Lip tonight on Shameless!  And Just to be clear, this is the American version of Shameless I’m writing about.

Jeremy Allen White plays Lip Gallagher. From his messy hair to his big, bright eyes there isn’t much I don’t like about Lip. He’s incredibly smart, resourceful, and he just seems like a good time. I love him in his tight jeans. He looks different from some other guys. Some people look at Stephen Amell (Arrow) or Chris Evans (Captain America) and would easily call them beautiful, with their chiseled features and muscles. While those guys are good-looking, I’m the girl looking at Jeremy Allen White like “Dang, he’s beautiful”.

If I could do anything with that messy haired boy, it would be to get a bong and some grass, light up, and have some fun, sweaty sex! We won’t discuss how we might be soulmates. We won’t discuss the weather. We won’t discuss what is bothering us. We’ll get high and screw like rabbits!

The anaconda has to be nine inches. Like… It just has to be.

Do you like Lip as much as I do? Are you going to watch the first episode the minute it comes on??


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