Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Liam Neeson

Have you ever watched Taken?

Well, it’s about Liam Neeson being the best Dad ever. And in the process you might end up feeling like me… Like Liam Neeson would be the best protector ever. He would take a punch for me. He would kill people for me. He’d even try to protect me after I royally fucked up.

So, the it was only right that the dirty thoughts rolled in.

I just want Liam Neeson to reprimand me. I want to call him Daddy while he spanks me for doing something outside of his rules. And not those wimpy, sissy spankings either. I want him to take his giant hand and spank my bare ass until it’s red and I’m begging for mercy. I want Liam Neeson to tie me up and use a vibrator on me until I cum and squirt so much I’ll need IV fluids to rehydrate me.

Anyone else want this guy to “protect” them a little bit?


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