Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Chris Noth

I know that Sex and The City had it’s series finale a long time ago but I never stopped watching reruns. The one man on there that I actually loved a whole lot was Mr. Big.

Dark hair? Check!
Very tall against my own 5’8″? Check!
Well-spoken? Check!

And he looked so good in his suits! He looked like he smelled of expensive cologne. I fucking love that.

I always wanted Mr. Big to bring me to his home and lead me to the office. I imagine him sitting behind his desk and there I am, in the doorway, with a little black dress on. I’d flirt my way over to his lap and we’d kiss while he held onto my ass. We would get to a point where he felt like he absolutely needed to use his large fingers to inspect just how wet I was.

I have different variations in my mind of what actually occurs between Big and I. Some scenarios where he is submissive and I am dominant. Some scenarios where he invites his business colleagues over to watch me play with myself or to watch him fuck me silly.

My dingaling senses aren’t giving me a clear anaconda reading. I just know the dick is goooood


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