Having a Penis Sounds Interesting

I wonder what it’s like to have a penis. Although I have a love for penises and I’ve wondered what it’s like to have one, I don’t think I would actually want one.

The whole frank and beans thing looks like they get in the way. Balls just hang there, sensitive and relatively unprotected, and I imagine me, in a rush to get my pants fastened, zipping them up by accident. Balls aren’t made of metal. I’m sure that hurts like hell.

To top it off, if I had to hold my genitals to pee, I’d be a bit annoyed. Some men seem to be able to pee without holding their junk, on the flip side, some men have to grip their wieners. With my luck, I would be part of the latter group. I have this odd idea in my head that if you let go of your wiener while you pee, you’d end up getting pee in your face because your willy would turn into this uncontrollable antenna.

Women usually get judged by the size of their boobs and ass, so I’m used to judgment in that way but it doesn’t sound any more fun being a guy. You know those girls who get mad at their old lovers and say stuff like “He had a little dick anyway…” Yeah, well those women are full of shit most of the time because you loved that man and his “little” willy when you were with him. My only thought is, “Which of these women aren’t lying?”.

Women have the unfair thing of guys seeing the general size of our bodies because of the clothes that some women wear. Men are lucky because they get to pick which body shape they prefer and pick who they like. Us women(or men if you like dicks!) get the shitty end of the stick because until it’s legal for men to walk around with their peckers out, we have to hope and pray that the guy we intend on sleeping with isn’t hung like a hamster. I have no shame in saying that either. I’m not going to lube up anybody’s ego either. You don’t have to have a foot long but dammit, can I hope that you do NOT have a Vienna sausage?


9 thoughts on “Having a Penis Sounds Interesting

  1. You make a good point. You never really know what you’re going to get when a new guy drops his pants. At least in the modern era, you can try before you buy.


  2. Well, as a possessor of a penis, I don’t find that my balls really get in my way that much. Maybe if you went commando, you’d have to worry a bit more, but my boxers keep them in. I definitely enjoy having it. Just having an erection is such a morale boost, I feel. Of course, it’s pretty obvious when you get aroused, but I don’t really mind much if others notice…


  3. Okay, had to read cause of the snappy title. I like a little pecker if the owner let’s me do the driving, (I like it on top). Plus, I think the massive package is so much work to entertain. Just my thoughts on the tent pole topic.
    Keep writing. I likey.


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