Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Jason Bateman Edition

I was watching old episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba recently and ran into the “Super Spies” episode. It’s a bit odd to mention Gabba on any of my Anaconda files but fine ass Jason Bateman was on an episode.

I used to look at Jason Bateman and think “oh, just another actor” but for some reason, while watching that episode, he turned into “sexy, older man who needs me to give him head”.

I don’t know where this comes from, I promise!

Underneath all of that nice guy stuff, I imagine him being into BDSM and that nice guy goes bye-bye.. Jason, who you’ll now refer to as Mister Excelsior, doesn’t like disobedience.

Mister Excelsior is into many different types of punishment, one of them is him making you suck his cock while he blows cigarette smoke in your face.

Mister Excelsior makes you greet him any time his see him by kissing his cock.

Mister Excelsior will expect you to pour his drinks and will take a swift hand to your bare bottom if you decide to pour him his scotch over rocks when you know he likes his scotch plain.

Bad move, little one.

But if you get the pleasure of serving Mister Excelsior, perhaps he’ll let you enjoy his nine inch anaconda as you wish…


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