“Forgetting” About What I’ve Written

I try not to go back and look at my old posts until at least a couple of weeks later. The reason I do that is so I can have a fresh view of the post. When I look at a post I might have done a day before, I tend to look with proof-reading eyes. I love to read something that I wrote and actually laugh. Or cringe. Or do both. I swear, some of the stuff I write is so honest it’s insane.

Does anyone else tend to “forget” about their articles until a later date?


12 thoughts on ““Forgetting” About What I’ve Written

      • I’m trying hard not to laugh at the thought of me being ‘meticulous’, since I live in utter chaos right now, but I suppose when it comes to words, I am. Whether it makes it worth reading I can’t say, but if it’s worth writing then I guess I feel I have to try my best to write it as accurately as I can in accordance with my intention. Having said that, some of our best writings are the purest ones that just form and are instantly put ‘on paper’.. What do you think?


      • I think that accuracy is the more important aspect of them all. In my mind, my thoughts are usually very abstract and if someone were to look inside I would imagine them being a bit confused at what they say. But if I ‘translate’ my thoughts the world can understand. I value when the purest thoughts come out of translation easily. From what you stated it sounds like you have a bit of a translation process as well. If I’m correct about that, does it ever feel difficult for you?

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      • Oh I have letters in my head that I’ve re-drafted a hundred times and never sent because there’s no way to say what I want to in terms that would reflect my thoughts, but that’s just how it is sometimes and I won’t be alone in that, and, just as you’ve said, sometimes things just rattle around in my head and never form a cohesive message. Thinking in terms of metaphors works very often, and sometimes thinking in structured forms such as poetry or rhyme helps to give a framework to hang your words on and order them, and makes them more readable for others perhaps?


      • You hit the nail on the head. I never quite understood where the heck poems even came from, but i loved them nonetheless and now it only makes sense that there is so much poetry around because it is a framework for getting your words out. You seriously just added more perspective for poetry, for me at least.

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      • Funny isn’t it. Dressing as a poem or rhyme can turn a lot of mushy self-pity or introspection into something that connects somehow to others as more than the sum of its parts.
        There are some really beautiful poems out there.


      • Loads! But I love it because it makes me feel better about my own thoughts and feelings when I see that I’m not alone. I haven’t written much myself. I’m also stuck on writing in rhyme and need to experiment a bit more. I do wish I could write as fluently and beautifully as many I read here, but we’re all different, with our own styles, and I’m always surprised when someone likes something of mine. I’m sure you’ve felt that. Which omly goes to prove that we are not always as crap as we think we are. 🙂


      • It’s funny that you mention writing in rhyme. Growing up I read an awful lot of poems and whenever I came across a poem that didn’t rhyme I completely wrote it off. Like “Who are they trying to fool with this glorified meandering paragraph?”. Lol. I still get like that some times but I can value a poem that doesn’t rhyme every single line.

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