(Some) Accents Are Sexy

As a former Native New Yorker I was no stranger to hearing people who had different accents on a daily basis. I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and loved it when I walked down the street and overheard two Aussies talking to each other, or if I had given a Russian person directions to a nearby store.

I recall trying not to fall on love with the British boys I’d meet. Some English people sound snobby without even trying, like Lisa Vanderpump or Hayley Mills and while it may seem like an insult, it is not. I love those accents a lot.

I enjoy Icelandic accents because it sounds like hard work to speak. Us Americans are so lazy with our tongues.(insert dirty joke here)

I’m on the fence about West Indian accents. Sometimes the women sound awfully mean. Like I’ve done something wrong and my Yankee ass is in trouble.

The top three sexiest accents are:
1. English accents, of the Chav variety. Think Lauren Socha – Kelly from The Misfits TV show.

2. Boston Accents. I’ll have to change my panties if I talk about how Ray Donovan makes me feel.

3. Colombian accents. Sofia Vergara’s got this one down and I’m sure more than a few people would understand how I feel when I hear her speak.
(All I hear is “Fulgennnnnnncio” lol)

This is only my humble opinion though. What are the sexiest accents in your opinion?


10 thoughts on “(Some) Accents Are Sexy

  1. You might be the first person I’ve ever met who likes a Boston accent, and I grew up in New England. Even for us, a thick Boston accent is a joke. My favorite accents would have to be French and Eastern European.


    • It’s crazy how one can perceive an accent to be sexy and one can perceive it to be a joke. French accents ARE great. I live in an area frequented by people who live in Montreal and I’ve embarrassed myself countless times by gawking at them when they speak English. They always smile like, “I know you loooove the way I speak”.:)

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  2. If we’re talking English spoken in another accent, then French is pretty good. Dutch just reminds me of comic sketches where they say stuff like ‘hey, letsh go for a schmoke and a pancake’ and they all deal in porn, which of course isn’t true – South American is pretty nice, in fact most European accents I like, but I lurve Italian.


      • Well, I like so many it is hard to say. What I love is the variety. In my younger years (not too long ago) I was a bit of a phone sex addict; and one of the big turns for me was hearing women from different places with different accents. Also, the characteristics of each were equally interesting. Also, as a British guy; I differentiate much more in these isles and generalise more in the States. For example, I know US accents are very, very different, but phone sex with someone with an America accent of any kind was always sexy for me.


      • I do agree that variety is wonderful. It’s very odd to hear that an American accent could sound sexy at all. I mean, I like Boston accents and all but gee whiz, Billy Bob down the street here in the little country town that I live in doesn’t sound sexy at all to me. Generally, I imagine us Americans sounding a bit whiny for some reason. Lol. And phone sex I love, but only from a listener’s position. I’m much too analytical with words to do that. You ever try editing a phone call? “Yeah, I want you to touch me, uh, no, caress me, wait, um.. Rub! I want you to rub me”. Lol yeah. Pretty unsexy. What made you start writing erotic pieces?

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      • Well, I started to write because I was reading some erotic stories and thought that I could do better. I have been writing off and on (off more than on) for a few years. My ‘writing fantasy’ is to be a writer, working in a small office in my home, blogging, doing everything independently and self publishing and being tied to no-one except readers. I have done some semi-pro photography and sold paintings in the past, so I could supplement as well with that and also produce my own cover work. I want to write erotica for film also. But then, alas, I wake up, smell the coffee and go to real work. One day I hope.


      • Regarding phone sex; I agree, it can’t be analysed or broken down. Its about the moment. If it is done well, it is amazing.


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