Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Tom Sandoval

I love this guy. I don’t think Vanderpump Rules show enough of him.It was porn watching him punch Jax a season ago. It’s always porn watching him because he’s just so intense.

It would seem like Sandoval would only want to appear pretty all of the time but if you think about it, homeboy has gotten into brawls and arguments and amidst him being passionate he didn’t care about his appearance at all. So, what must he look like when he’s getting down and dirty?

I could imagine him starting slow and as he’s getting more into the rhythm of things, I see him starting to sweat… I see his hair moving out of place.. I see him grunting and uttering curse words about how good the pussy is..

I don’t know about you, but Sandoval’s got to have nine inches of pretty cock.


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