I Can’t Marry You Unless I See Your Dick

I never wanted to marry someone without having slept with them first.

Due to it not being the ’50s anymore and combined with the fact that I don’t care too much for other people stating what I should and shouldn’t do with my hooha, I thought that statement wouldn’t be so damn incendiary but it still is.

Somehow, some people out there think that I should marry some dude and hope that his dick game is good or if it sucks, I should give it time in order for him to improve.

Why should I give someone else such a luxury when I know what I want? Why must women be pushed into thinking that we have to create such convenient situations for men?

Someone out there could snidely say “oh, its rather convenient to him if you give it up before you’re married..” and I understand that’s how you feel. But if a woman chooses to give up have sex with anyone before a marriage occurs, she can do that because it’s her right. It’s mine to ‘give up’ anyway.

Although you could sleep with anyone and feel the need to drop a direction or some pointers, there are certain things that seem non-negotiable…Biologically non-negotiable…

Alright, here we go: I needed to see my man’s dick before we got married.

How many others would ‘fess up to feeling that way?

I just wanted to make sure that he didn’t have a micropenis or something that was incredibly ugly… If I look at a cock and can’t imagine it in my mouth, I couldn’t marry that person.

I’m sincerely not a shallow person but why deal with something for the rest of eternity if it won’t make you completely happy?

Is there anyone out there who felt/feels the same as me?


4 thoughts on “I Can’t Marry You Unless I See Your Dick

  1. I can fully understand here. When you enter into something (pardon the pun), you want to know the deal. You don’t get told that you are signing a 10 page contract, but the last 5 pages you have to guess the content. You don’t buy a house based on the five best ever pictures of that place that have been chosen for the internet. You go and have a look around, and test it out effectively. Its not just about body parts, but it can be. I can’t imagine the horror when you find that you marry a guy with something so small you can’t tell the difference between it and the pubes đŸ˜‰


  2. I see your point completely and fully understand it. If your going to be with someone for life, you want to be sure. That’s better than a divorce because your man can’t sexually please you. Odds are likely though, that if he does have a something that can’t please you and you’ve found out after you’ve wed, you’ll likely have the connection emotionally enough to feel it physically and if not then you probably shouldn’t have gotten married…


    • It’s probably impossible to find a perfect partner. There are so many things that could taint a union. It makes sex and body parts seem so minor. A sufficient dick is minor compared to some other stuff that your partner might be lacking in. I’d rather be with a microdick than a woman beater, you know?

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