When Your Spouse is Your Friend, Too

     Some people get married because they have this magical dream that they’ll fall in love and it will be happily ever after. I suppose that’s not an unrealistic dream but for some people the entire thing can go left. One of the reasons I suspect is because some people don’t consider their spouse to be one of their friends anymore.

    I’ve always felt that it is nice to be romantic and to have some flirting go on in your relationship, and to be specific- a long term relationship or a marriage. People can settle into being with the same person and it can turn into a monotonous scene, straight out of GroundHog Day. So, instead of feeling like Bill Murray, I feel like you should treat your spouse like your friend some times. Instead of buying red roses and being Casanova, go do something with your spouse that they normally do with a friend. You never know how you could connect with them on a different level.
       Although Blanco is not a reality tv nut like I am, he watches shows with me and we talk crap and laugh about castmates and plot lines and the utter bullshit of it all. Does Blanco actually want to watch Love and Hip Hop with me?…. Probably not. I’m sure he’d rather play Assassin’s Creed or count the days until the next installment of Borderlands comes out. Why does Blanco do this? Because we are actually friends and he knows that it’s important to give and take. When it’s your turn to do something that someone else loves, you should completely throw yourself into what their interest is. Blanco pays attention. Blanco gets major points for watching Teen Mom with me. He even suffered through Teen Mom 3 with me.

Ten points for you, Blanco.

On the same note, when Blanco finds out something interesting about a game, I’m a good listener. I make it a point to not only remember the games and characters he likes but I can sometimes finish his sentence about his games. I like hearing about how Batman is his favorite, or how the last episode of Legend of Korra sucked ass, or how much he’d trade in his left kidney just to get his hands on future game releases way before their release date.

   I’m sure Blanco gets annoyed with me and doesn’t want me analyzing cocks on Rock, Paper, Anaconda. I’m sure Blanco wants me to just shut the hell up and fix him something to eat sometimes but Blanco is the bestest friend I’ve ever had, and that’s the bestest most magical happily ever after I could ever ask for.


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