Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Cee Lo Green

Cee lo’s got the kind of voice that makes you want to just lay down and melt. I remember hearing him sing with Melanie Fiona on “Fool for You” and I just thought:

My gosh, I could just diiiiiiiiiie

But I’m not talking about Cee Lo’s ding dong. I like having happy thoughts and that ain’t one of ’em.

This is one of those times that I can’t bring myself to thinking about Cee Lo’s willy because he kinda resembles an oompa loompa and oompa loompas are fun, right?

If there was some device to turn Cee Lo’s voice into a person, I would do that and in my mind, that person has the prettiest nine inches I’ve ever seen. In my mind, when I think of Cee Lo’s voice I see Morris Chestnut. And Morris Chestnut has to have ten inches of chocolate bar waiting for me. He just has to.


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