Sex and Food

Separately, I love sex and food. With food, I’m extremely analytical and focused on getting the job done properly. No one likes eating dry, dusty chicken but I especially don’t like being the one responsible for the dry, dusty chicken. So if I focus and make sure of every ingredient and measurement, I don’t screw up any meals.

With sex, I like to lose myself and go with the flow. No one wants to be with someone who is counting each thrust or yelling out a plan.

Now you’re going to enter me from behind…. Now you’re going to thrust 11 and a half times…. One… Two…

That would be odd.

When I imagine combining food and sex, it confuses me. Why mix two things that don’t need each other?

Also, I’ve seen television shows that show people who kiss with food in their mouthes.. If there is anything that couldn’t be more repulsing…

Not sure what provoked these thoughts…


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