Rock, Paper, Anaconda- Jason Momoa Edition


So, here is this fine piece of man and he’s everything one could ask for in a fantasy(if you want someone completely primal and aggressive, that is)

Cue Jason Momoa (or Khal Drogo if you’re freaky!) and you’ve got the right man for the job. He’s tall, pretty sculpted, and he’s got this evil villain thing with his eyebrows going on that is a complete turn on for me.

You ever tried some role play in the bedroom and you have to kind of give in a little bit and not strongarm your man? You want the fantasy but you don’t resist too much because you don’t want to embarrass your man because you might actually be able to pin him down? Well, Jason isnt that dude.

I’ve got a hunch that Jason Momoa wants you to put up a fight.
I’m seeing nine inches here. What do you think?


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