The Better Spider Man.. Tobey or Andrew?

I always felt like Tobey Maguire was the better Spider-Man. That Garfield kid was waaay too cool waaay too soon for me. Perhaps I am just accustomed to the underdog come up that Tobey’s Spider-Man went through.

Tobey’s Spider-Man possessed a sort of innocence that I felt was necessary to convey his internal need to save and help people. He wasn’t the douche who felt he was important and irreplaceable because he was Spider-Man, he felt like he needed to help because he was Spider-Man.

I’m still trying to forget about his little douchey stage where he completely disrespected Mary Jane but ya know, I forgive him for the most part.

Who is your favorite Spider-Man?


5 thoughts on “The Better Spider Man.. Tobey or Andrew?

    • Yes, Garfield was energetic but I guess i always preferred mopey ol’ Peter Parker when Tobey played him. Garfield’s humor made everything seem like a joke and it seemed very lighthearted when i don’t think it should have been.

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      • Well, here’s the thing: Spider-Man is lighthearted and can be witty and i love those things about him but what made Maguire’s Spidey so great was the fact that he was this dork who was not confident until after settling into being Spider-Man. Garfield’s Spidey was such the opposite. I like a good underdog story and Garfield’s Spidey wasn’t one of those stories. He went from ‘cool kid’ to ‘cool spider kid’ and while the movie generated laughs, I wasn’t compelled to see what he did next because his smugness made me believe he’d just save the day with no issue. I like to see a bit more of a struggle than “Spider-Man fights (____insert scientist gone mad__).


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