Plattsburgh Makes Me Miss NYC

I miss living in New York City. What I wouldn’t do to smell the train stations right now…. or the project elevators and stairways…

Now that I live in Plattsburgh, which is basically the tippy top of New York State, I miss NYC. I never thought I would say that either! There were things that caused to me be fed up with living down there. Between the lack of compassion people show, the guys bothering me frequently, and the price of rent, I was done. I didn’t want to pay $1700.00 in rent for an apartment. I lived in Washington Heights at that point and while I liked the area for the most part, a rat crawling up to my apartment window was evidence enough to show that I did not need to live there. The window was closed but that motherfucker threatened my life, I know he did lol

The problem I’m having is that Plattsburgh is a very, very small town.

While in Lowe’s, I ran into the anesthesiologist who gave me my epidural a couple months earlier.

I get the same cab drivers on rotation.

I ran into a nurse from my OB/GYN office at the supermarket.

Usually this doesn’t happen to people who live in NYC. There is way more anonymity. I miss that anonymity. I miss putting headphones on and walking to the sound of the music I’m playing. I don’t exactly care for doing that around here. Why? Because if someone that I can’t hear past the headphones talks to me and I don’t respond, I would be deemed rude. I don’t want to be perceived as a rude person.

Along with being free to listen to music, I miss not HAVING to talk to anyone. If I run into a cab driver in the store, I have to go through the motions of said person asking me how I’m doing and asking how the baby is… Don’t get me wrong, I love that warmth and how endearing small interactions like those can be but it gets a bit overwhelming when I just want to keep to myself.

I really do love Plattsburgh, but I wish sometimes that I could snap my fingers and be on a NYC street, walking with my earphones in, blasting some Jeff Buckley, while feeling no pressure to speak to anyone.


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