Thin Line Between Weird and Different

I’ve always looked at myself and thought that I was weird. I never saw anything wrong with knowing how quirky you can be but I’m starting to realize the negative connotation that is attached with being weird. Perhaps I should say that I am different?

Different from whom? Different from what? Therein lies the problem with stating that you are different because obviously there are no identical duplicates in this world. I don’t mean physically either, just personally.

I grew up in an area where Hip Hop and R&B was very popular and while I liked it, I enjoyed VH1. Vh1 would play the Goo Goo Dolls, Sarah McLachlan, REM, Everlast, all of whom are not Hip Hop or R&B artists. I would go to school and the magical question would arise; What is your favorite song?

This answer changed frequently and still does but one time I had the dumbass idea of telling my close-minded, hip-hop-loving friend that my favorite song was Roll to Me by Del Amitri. She didn’t know who it was and asked me to sing some of it, so I did and while she didn’t recognize the song at all, she called me a hillbilly and laughed. I was offended because that  song isn’t Country and if I wanted to “get my hillbilly on” I would have mentioned “This Kiss” by Faith Hill. Duh.

After I had told her honestly was my favorite song was, she kind of made it a point to avoid me. I felt like “This is me” but I was made to feel like a weirdo for being different. I guess being called a weirdo or being called different boils down to how open-minded or sadly, how close-minded someone can be.

I’ve been asked other questions and have been given that “black sheep” treatment. “You EAT sushi?” no, bitch, I throw it at my face for enjoyment

“You DON’T like going to the club?” no, bitch, I do but I’m trying to reach my daily “lie” quota

“You slept with a white man?” no, bitch, he was actually black, I forgot

Is there even a thin line between being weird and being different? All my life I’ve been treated like a weirdo for being into stuff that isn’t the norm It would be lovely if the world wasn’t so quick to treat “different” and “weird” as a bad thing.


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