It’s Hard to Write About Happy Stuff

I realize that I have a hard time writing about things that are cheery and happy. I like writing all things dreary, annoying, melancholy, etc.. I sat with my phone in my hands for a few minutes, with the strongest intent to write about something happy.

I couldn’t.

I think I’m a pretty upbeat person, I like to laugh. I can take a joke and laugh at myself. There’s just something about writing my innermost thoughts that requires me to bring out the dread, death, and sorrow. Even then I find myself laughing at stuff one might not laugh at.

“I’m an orphan at my age ahahaha”
“If my colon exploded right now I would smell pretty shitty ahahahaha like literally shitty ahahaha”

That’s just a preview. I don’t know. Maybe I need more sleep.


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