I just gave that bitch a compliment….

I hate it when I give a girl a compliment and all I get back is attitude.

I was thinking about the time I was standing in line at a grocery store and this girl in front of me had a really colorful, very different hairstyle and I said to her “I think your hair looks amazing. I don’t think many could pull that off.”

Do ya know what that she did?

She fucking looks at me and goes “uhh, ok.”

I would expect that response if I had said that the sky was blue or that horses have hooves or that cows were beefy.

It made me want to go “Well, bitch, you could’ve said thank you.” But I didn’t say that. I just said “you’re welcome” and her dumbass acted like she didn’t hear me.

Why can’t I give a girl a compliment? Did she think that I was being funny and saying a bad joke?

I’ve given many a girl a compliment and received responses similar to hers and I just don’t understand why. When someone compliments me, I excitedly accept, thank them, and maybe even joke about it a little bit.

I give out compliments so frequently because I know what it’s like to be having an ugly day or an all around bad day and to hear that I actually look good amidst that? Score!


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