Bags That Don’t Want To Open


What’s up with those plastic bags that don’t want to open? Imagine this: You’re at the supermarket and you’ve got your eye on a package of meat that’s super cheap. Like super duper nobody-had-better-touch-that-package-or-else on sale type of thing. So you know you like chicken but you don’t want raw chicken juice on your hands so you go to the bag dispenser, grab a bag and commence to fighting it. You try and use the tips of your fingers to open it, you might lick your finger to get the bag to open up, you try the other end. When this happens I seriously get into a frenzy because I swear on everything that I love if someone takes THAT package of chicken….

Yes, it get’s real in the supermarket.

Oh, and fuck those bags. I can’t stand that shit.


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