So, do we act like you didn’t hurt me?

It is very easy for me to be angry with someone I love after they’ve done something significantly hurtful. In fact, it is easier to be angry with someone I love than with someone I don’t know.

If I walked down the street and someone walked up to me and said “you’re a no-good piece of shit douchebag” I would probably laugh. Like “wow, you really strung that sentence together. Good job.”

But if someone I love came up to me and said that I mentally chip away at myself and the resulting question for them would be “what did I do, I thought that I was good to you?” It wouldn’t be defensive, it would be more surprising, if anything. I try to be good to the people who are around me. The people around me are the people I love.

Hurting others doesn’t have boundaries, though. You can be someone and hurt anyone out there. Mothers hurt their daughters. Grandparents hurt their grandkids. Girlfriends hurt their boyfriends. Friends hurt their friends. Usually unintentionally but what if you feel like what they did was SO disrespectful you can’t get over it?

There are choices that people make that can affect others. Does my glass of water hurt anyone? Probably not. Does someone I’m close to talking about my business behind my back hurt? It does.

Especially when they’ve experienced that same sort of hurt and they know what it feels like.

It seems borderline stupid to do the same to others as you’ve been hurt. Dumbassness.
I just made myself giggle with that word ahahahahaha

There’s just some hurdles I can’t jump sometimes.


2 thoughts on “So, do we act like you didn’t hurt me?

    • Thank you:) see, the way I am is that i try and approach every encounter the way I would like someone to go about it with me so when I feel hurt, I don’t expect anyone to be as meticulous as me but somehow I end up yearning and wishing they would analyze how they hurt me with a fine-tooth comb. Forgiveness is tough as heck! Makes me wanna kick people!

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