Only Men Are Supposed To Eat Large Amounts of Food


• A man can eat seconds on a date and be perceived as healthy, with a good appetite.

• A woman can’t eat seconds. She had better have a salad and even then, she had better resist the urge to having a second helping of salad. Because if she does, she’s signaling to you that she’s going to let herself go and her shape will go from whatever it is in front of you to a lumpy, overweight character straight out of The Klumps. Real Women don’t get that hungry. Women don’t need seconds because women are dainty, petite creatures who have bird stomachs and only need cutesy little nibbles and small bites. Women don’t need sustenance and nutrition, just oxygen and salad to keep them pretty and alive. Women shouldn’t be doing anything to a cheeseburger or steak besides serving it to her man.

Thank you, Society. This is what you’ve taught everyone.


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