Losing My Virginity

I like to tell people that I lost my virginity in a castle, at the very top, overlooking smaller buildings. I like to tell people that the stars dotted the night sky and there was a breeze every few moments like none I’ve ever felt.

Is that story true? Well…. Sort of.

The castle part is sort of true. There was this castle-like building at this park my boyfriend and I frequented. We never actually went upstairs until that particular day though.
The night sky and the breeze and the stars stuff? That was definitely true. It was beautiful out there.

So, here’s the whole story, unabridged and completely how I remember it:

His name was David. He was the same height as me, standing at 5’8″. He had the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen on a black person and he had dark brown hair and light skin. I’ve described David to special people in my life before and they took the description as him being “pretty” but I never thought he was. He looked rather gruff. He had a stocky build, strong, muscular legs and he had some stubble on his chin and cheeks. Originally he told me that he was 18 but after a few days in of us talking and getting to know each other a bit more, he admitted that he was 23. He apologized and showed me his identification card as well. Initially I was a bit perturbed but I got over it and began to like that he was a little older than me.

He smoked cigarettes and for some reason I found that to be sexy as hell. I now have some sort of strange tingling in my pussy when someone accidentally blows cigarette smoke in my direction but that’s a tale for another time! I remember kissing David and he’d always taste like Doublemint gum and cigarettes.

So that day started out as most days did when him and I met up. He’d ask me what I wanted to do and my usual response was “walk around, go to the park” because when I’m dating someone I usually don’t care for excess people around because it usually causes an interference with how I felt and I was incredibly soft spoken at that age around people I weren’t familiar with, so I never sought out being in uncomfortable situations. Places like diners, movie theatres, and even MacDonald’s made me uneasy. The park was just perfect. David was a gentleman and didn’t mind at all. He would joke with me about me being shy. Saying I looked like I wanted to scurry like a roach when the lights came on. Ol’ stupid ass. I miss him.

We met in the downstairs area of my project building and held hands and walked towards the park on the other side of town. Once we got to the park we talked for a while but I had been itching to kiss him and I remember us making out more than I remember whatever the hell we were talking about. At some point, I asked David if I could see his dick and he looked (happily) surprised. He said “here?” referring to us being in the park and I said “yeah, here.”

David took his man meat out and it was amazing! Thick, ten inches, erect and smoother than the veiny dicks I had seen on the internet. I started to giggle because I had no idea what to do besides look at it. David started to laugh as he put his massive cock away. After us both giggling and me going on and on about how huge it was, we went back to making out. At some point, we saw a cop car drive by and slow down to look at us. It was around 9pm and we were making out in a park in the dark so we knew what that meant. We got up and David said “I know where we can go”.

We walked to the “castle”. It was in the middle of the park and he took me all the way to the top. I remember it being incredibly dark but the sky and surrounding street lights gave just enough light to not bump into anything but you could not see someone identifiably if they were more than two feet away.

Since David and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, we resumed making out. It felt more intense this time, David was driving me nuts. He would tongue kiss me then make his way to my neck and lick and suck.

The next move feels like a blur, but he undid my zipper on my jeans, turned me around, and stuck his massive cock inside of me. It was painful at first but David knew what he was doing. He whispered and asked if I was alright and I squeaked out “yeah”. He went slowly for a while and he really did make sure that I was alright. After seeing that I was handling it well, he started to fuck me a little harder and with more intensity in his thrusts. I enjoyed this in the most primal way, where I didn’t think about the random people who were scattered atop this castle, made to be voyeurs without a choice. My whole body felt warm. My forehead was sweating a wee bit. I enjoyed every moment but something in my head went “Hey! Your pussy hurts!” and I must have stiffened up because David asked me if I was alright and I kinda shook my head. He pulled out, put his meat away and hugged me. I zipped up and just wanted to leave before anyone decided to speak to us or try and see who we were. That impulsiveness was leaking out of me and being replaced with rationality.

“It might be dangerous up here”
“Not being able to see everyone might not be good”
“What if someone decides they want a piece of me, too?”

David and I reached the bottom of the castle and walked around the park before I told him I needed to make it back home. I wasn’t embarrassed, ashamed, nor did I have any negative feelings about what we did. He walked me home and we must have giggled the entire way home. It was awesome.

Is this a story I could tell anyone? No. If I were David I suppose, but as a female I can’t just blurt out this sort of thing. I would sound unclean and fast.

But it’s my blog.

I would love to hear stories about other people losing their virginity in unconventional ways. Fuck the judgement here. If I had it to do over, I would do it the same exact way.


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